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From:Dan Nelson Date:April 7 2009 2:41pm
Subject:Re: passing a bad pointer question
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In the last episode (Apr 07), Alex Katebi said:
>    If I have a mysql client application that passes a bad MYSQL*
> connection pointer to the server.  How does the server cope with that. 
> Does the server crash?  Or does the server drops the client connection? 
> Or does the server ignore the function call and return error?  If it
> returns error what is the error code?

Most likely the client would crash.  You aren't passing a bad pointer to the
server, you're passing a bad pointer to libmysqlclient, which will probably
crash trying to build the data packet to send to the server.  If it manages
not to crash and sends garbage, you'll probably get a generic mysql 1064
syntax error back.
	Dan Nelson
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