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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:April 6 2009 2:47pm
Subject:LEFT JOIN with third-table key
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This is a question that I run into frequently; I might even have posted it

If I have three tables:

A: pub_product_id
B: product_id, publisher_id, pub_product_id
C: publisher_id, publisher_code
D: product_id, product_price

and I want to find those `pub_products` that are in A, but might or might
not be in B, for publisher `publisher_code`. For those products, I need to
do something to the price. All of the fields, except for `product_price`,
are keys.

might be used by more than one customer, so I want to filter on publisher. I
know that I can do this with a sub-select:

  (SELECT B.product_id FROM `C` JOIN B ON C.publisher_id = B.publisher_id
      JOIN `D` ON B.product_id = D.product_id
      WHERE C.publisher_code = 'Fred'
  ) AS `X`
  ON A.pub_product_id = X.pub_product_id
 SET D.product_price = 2 * D.product_price;

Is that the right / best way to handle this?

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