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From:kabel Date:March 31 2009 2:56pm
Subject:Annoying .mysql_history problem
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Using MySQL 5.0.67 on OpenSolaris 2008.11, whenever I hit Ctrl-C to 
terminate a long-running test query, it hangs while it kills the thread. 
  No problem here.  If I accidentally (or impatiently) hit Ctrl-C again, 
it terminates the MySQL CLI.  Again, no problem here.  What's getting me 
is that on Ubuntu, everything up to that point was still written to 
.mysql_history, while on OSol it only goes back as far as my last clean 

Is there any way to get the Ubuntu behavior?  I know the easy answer is 
"Don't use Ctrl-C, you hack" but I'd kind of like the .mysql_history to 
be written as I go.

Thanks for any pointers,


Annoying .mysql_history problemkabel31 Mar
  • RE: Annoying .mysql_history problemAndrew Braithwaite3 Apr