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From:Daniel Brown Date:March 31 2009 12:17am
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On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 19:45, Dian Crayne <dcrayne@stripped> wrote:
> Chuck Crayne (ccrayne@stripped) has died.  I am his widow.
> I cannot unsubscribe him from this list because I do not
> have his user name  and password.  Please remove him from your
> membership list.  If you need to talk to me about this, my
> phone number is (707) 459-2623.


    I'm truly, genuinely sorry for your loss.  I read of Chuck's
unsubscription from this world in February.  He seemed like a
brilliant and intriguing man.  I'm sorry that I never had the chance
to meet him.

    I've tried to help you out a bit by initiating an unsubscribe
request from the list.  In his inbox you should've received, a few
moments ago, an email with instructions on how to complete the

    It also reminds me to download some of the software he wrote years
ago onto my Linux machine.  He had converted some old, old text-based
adventure games from the original 5 1/4" floppy disks to hard drive
images, and made them cross-platform compatible, among other things.
And anyone who would go out of their way still, in this day and age,
to go through Assembly code as a hobby truly deserves to be

</Daniel P. Brown>
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