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From:Claudio Nanni Date:March 26 2009 11:30am
Subject:Re: A problem relative ibdata1
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You can't!

it is part of the datafiles of InnoDB storage engine!

and It contains important data like the information schema.

So I would rather ask you, is it abnormally growing or is it just your

You should be more precise to have good answers,

for instance how much megabytes per minute is it growing?

How many inserts do you have on the tables per second/minute/hour?



2009/3/26 Riccardo Michele Filippone <ethernaly@stripped>

> Hello! First of all sorry for my terrible english.
> Well I've a big problem with ibdata1, this damn file increase its size
> constantly.
> I tryed to use innodb_file_per_table... but:
> - MySQL create a lot of ibd files for all DB (correct)
> - ibdata1 is however created and increase its size...
> how can I prevent the creation of this file (ibdata1)?
> Thanks for your future suggestion.
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