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From:Cui Shijun Date:March 23 2009 1:24pm
Subject:safe enough if mysqlcheck has no more complain?
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  I'm planning to upgrade my current mysql 5.1.22 to mysql 5.1.32. I
did some experiments, which imply that if
several steps taken, mysqlcheck & mysql_upgrade will have no more complain:

  1. first build a mysql-5.1.32 using source
  2. copy the whole "var" directory to mysql-5.1.32
  3. start the 5.1.32 server
  4. run mysql_upgrade, and see some complain about "repaire table"
  5. manually drop all varchar, non-primary index on the complained
table ( the index is either varchar or int )
  6. manually drop all triggers.
  7. run mysql_upgrade & mysqlcheck, no more complain
  8. rebuild all the index and triggers

  So, Is it a complete upgrade NOW?

  Thank you
safe enough if mysqlcheck has no more complain?Cui Shijun23 Mar