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From:David Giragosian Date:March 19 2009 8:35pm
Subject:Re: why is this happening?
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On 3/19/09, Jim Lyons <jlyons4435@stripped> wrote:
> I have a rather odd problem with a replication slave.
> The slave has been down for a number of hours.  Of course, both io and sql
> threads are stopped - from SHOW SLAVE STATUS:
>           Slave_IO_Running: No
>          Slave_SQL_Running: No
> However, the relay logs are still being written to.  I was under the
> impression that the slave's io thread was what brought data from the
> master's bin log to the slave's relay log.  With the io thread stopped, the
> relay logs should stop filling up - right?  Mine are definitely filling up.
> Does anyonee know why the relay logs keep filling up after replication has
> broken?
> Thanks
> --
> Jim Lyons
> Web developer / Database administrator

I noticed a similar occurrence the last time my replication broke.

Someone here suggested running show processlist.

What does yours show?


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