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From:Jules Bean Date:April 21 1999 10:03am
Subject:Re: Linux, FreeBSD,Solaris and x86 vs Sun
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On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, Michael Griffith wrote:

> I plan to buy new equipment to operate a web site that relies very heavily
> on a mySQL database. I have been unable to find any definitive answer on
> what hardware would perform best.
> I first thought to use FreeBSD or Linux, but now I'm told a Sun Ultra
> running Solaris can do the work of several Pentium II based linux machines.
> Yet many of the posts here seem to indicate than A Pentium system will do
> more, faster for less money. Is the primary issue with disk I/O? or is a
> server good at DB, not necessarily also good at web server performance?
> 1) All hardware being equal, will mySQL perform better under Solaris, Linux,
> or FreeBSD?
> 2) Same OS, will mySQL perform better on Intel or Sun hardware? I realize
> that's a tough comparison without taking price performance into
> consideration.

Same OS, it is true that Sun hardware is better hardware.  However.. the
price/performance just doesn't compare.  Unless you can get a really,
really good price on an Ultra, your going to do much better with, for
example, AMD K6-IIs on a decent motherboard with plenty of memory and a
SCSI card (or, to be honest, just fast IDE disks).

It is going to depend what your looking for - for example, with an Ultra,
if you're not careful, you're going to waste about 500-1000 on a stupid
video card you don't want anyway..


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