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Subject:JOB: linux sysadmin with good mysql skills [think really "mysql
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Dear Subscribers, 

I am an open source recruiter working with an established company in
Reading (Berkshire, UK) that are hiring a Linux sysadmin, preferably
with CentOS or Red Hat experience (although this is not essential) that
has good MySQL database administration skills, other DB skills, e.g.
Oracle are not a substitute as the focus is on someone who can improve
the client's existing MySQL related-systems. It is possible (although
not guaranteed) that this job may "in time" develop into more of a
database architect type role rather than remain a sysadmin/ DBA. 

The client run a mixture of MySQL 4.1 and 5.0 community edition. In
terms of the number of high transactional servers, we are looking at
high 30s. They do use MySQL replication but not clustering at this

>From experience, I'd expect "this role" to pay a base of between
£40k-£55k plus benefits. That said, it is always possible that an
employer may pay more and I have previously recruited a MySQL DBA onto a
base salary higher than £55k before (although that was London and not

I actively recruit for MySQL Database Administrator/ Architect types
roles across London and surrounding areas (Berkshire, Bucks, Cambridge,
Oxford, Kent etc) and also work with some employers in Europe (Germany,
Holland, Italy etc) and the United States so I welcome making contact
with people that may have interest in roles in locations other than the
UK too. . . .

Consequently should anybody be interested in discussing with me further,
please contact me off-list using james@stripped
All the best, 

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JOB: linux sysadmin with good mysql skills [think really "mysqldba] - LOCATION: reading, berkshire, england, uk - SALARY:£40k-£55k at least!jt@camalyn.org17 Mar