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From:Andy Smith Date:March 12 2009 6:09pm
Subject:Re: Replica questions
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Hi Bryan

   Actually changing the slave setup after a reboot is a very bad  
idea, you will have inconsistent data on your slave because every  
transaction made from when you rebooted the server to when you reset  
the position will not be copied from the master. Thats the point of  
the position information, that MySQL can know what data has been  
replicated and what data has not been.
My understanding is that you should never have to reset the binlog  
position info after initial setup unless you are reinitialising your  
slave with a new copy of the data from the master because the slave  
broke for whatever reason. I have several DBs copied to slaves and  
have never had to reset anything following a reboot of the slave (or  
master for that matter).

If you are finding replication stops after a reboot then I think you  
have a serious problem, but don't know what that might be. Post some  
more info and someone on the list can probably help,

thanks Andy.

Quoting Bryan Irvine <sparctacus@stripped>:

> The information is there and the replica can connect on a reboot but
> only if that information has not changed correct?
> e.g. I reboot the slave, and on the master just run "reset master;"
> the bin.000001 could change to bin.000002 and the pos change from 98
> to 15443 or some such.  If I do that do I then need to re-run the "set
> master to" statements when the slave comes back up? or can that be
> handled automatically?
> -Bryan

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