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From:Andy Shellam Date:March 9 2009 7:13pm
Subject:Re: Upgrading
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Hi Mat,

How many databases have you got running on 4.0?  You can certainly go 
through the motions of downloading each interim release, however my best 
advice would be (if time/disk space permits) to dump your databases to 
plain SQL files (using mysqldump) obliterate your 4.0 install, install a 
fresh copy of 5.1 and restore your database dumps.

If your databases are hefty (I'd say above 1GB) you may need to go for 
an upgrade, in which case I think you need to go to 4.1 before 5.0 if 
memory serves me correctly.

Of course, depending on your setup, you could install a fresh copy of 
5.1 and run it alongside 4.0 (ie on different port numbers) then you can 
migrate your databases/systems across one-by-one.


Matthew Stuart wrote:
> Hi all, I am on... wait for it... version 4.0.25 and I want to upgrade 
> to MySQL 5.x
> Is there anything special I should do in order to upgrade? Do I need 
> to uninstall v4 or can I just download the most current version and 
> double click to upgrade? I am not particularly hardcore mysql minded, 
> and quite honestly, if it ain't broke don't fix it is a good mantra of 
> mine... but I need to move on now as I have received an sql file that 
> is v5 compatible but not v4 compatible.
> Once I have it up and running I'll be fine, it's just that I am 
> nervous about upgrading and consequently breaking it, and at that 
> point, I'll be struggling to put it right.
> Any advice on how I can best do this / best practices etc will be very 
> much appreciated.
> Many thanks.
> Mat
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