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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 19 1999 4:18am
Subject:Re: RLIKE and case
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At 10:49 PM -0500 1999-12-18, toxalot@stripped wrote:
>I want my search to be case INsensitive. Doesn't binary cause the exact
>opposite of what I want?  My columns are already case insensitive like I
>want, but RLIKE is case sensitive.  I tried using LIKE which is
>insensitive, but it didn't have the flexibility that I needed to do my search.

Convert both values to be compared to the same case using UPPER()
(or LOWER()), then it won't matter what case they are to begin

>At 08:17 18-12-99 , Sasha Pachev wrote:
>>toxalot@stripped wrote:
>>>  I want to use RLIKE to do keyword searches on my data, but I want it to be
>>>  case insensitive.
>>>  The term that I am searching on is supplied by the user via a form.
>>>  Is there an easy way to make the search case insensitive?
>>>  Or would I have to do something in my perl program with the search term
>>>  first so that I create something like
>>>  $nocase_term = [Tt][Ee[Rr][Mm]
>>>  Thanks
>>>  Jennifer
>>you need to change the type of your column:
>>if it is a char or varchar, add the attribute of binary
>>if it is a  text, convert it to blob
>>for more info, read the manual on column types and alter table
>>Sasha Pachev
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