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From:michael Date:March 3 2009 1:30am
Subject:Re: Enumerate MySQL Servers?
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If you get "Connection failed" no one is listening!

"Connection Refused" means someone is listening, you just don't know who.

> Someone said look at you ODBC DNS list, and I think you are asking for a
> method to programmatically find MySql servers, without looking at a ODBC
> list on your screen.
> If I were you, I would start/temporarily with assuming the MySql are
> listening on port 3306, and write the appropriate socket code to connect
> to port 3306, starting with IP,, and so on
> until
> If you get connection refused, MySql is probably not listening on 3306, on
> that IP.
> For example: When I telnet to port 3306 I get
> "A5.0.45-community-nt", and some garbage.
> So I know there is a MySql server listening on port 3306 on my local host.
> Now, someone in the MySql development team should be able to tell you what
> the various connect strings that you may run into from various versions
> and platforms. Once you get this logic running smooth, then you can open
> it up to all ports, and have a rock solid way to find all MySql servers
> running on your network. That is, until a new version comes out ;-)
> Could be a good method to monitor your MySql servers, better than just a
> ping.
> My $0.02,
> Mike.
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