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From:michael Date:March 3 2009 1:27am
Subject:Re: Enumerate MySQL Servers?
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Someone said look at you ODBC DNS list, and I think you are asking for a
method to programmatically find MySql servers, without looking at a ODBC
list on your screen.

If I were you, I would start/temporarily with assuming the MySql are
listening on port 3306, and write the appropriate socket code to connect
to port 3306, starting with IP,, and so on

If you get connection refused, MySql is probably not listening on 3306, on
that IP.

For example: When I telnet to port 3306 I get

"A5.0.45-community-nt", and some garbage.

So I know there is a MySql server listening on port 3306 on my local host.

Now, someone in the MySql development team should be able to tell you what
the various connect strings that you may run into from various versions
and platforms. Once you get this logic running smooth, then you can open
it up to all ports, and have a rock solid way to find all MySql servers
running on your network. That is, until a new version comes out ;-)

Could be a good method to monitor your MySql servers, better than just a

My $0.02,
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