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From:Claudio Nanni Date:March 2 2009 11:44pm
Subject:Re: Enumerate MySQL Servers?
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If you are designing a microsoft windows software to connect to MySQL
servers the easiest way to create connections
is to use the ODBC Drivers provided by mysql (
Once installed the drivers you will have to create the (System) Data Source
Names in the ODBC control panel (Administrative Tools).
You need to create at least one DSN per each MySQL database (instance) you
want to connect to.
Data Source Names are links that contain all the informations to estabilish
the connection to a database,
so including host, port, user, password, default database, and other
Once you have created a System Data Source Name that link will be available
to any application in that windows host.
If you are wondering why you can see the connections to SQL Server probably
ODBC DSNs have been created.

There is available the .NET connector as well but I never used that, so I
can't help you with that.

Let me know if it helped



2009/3/2 Menachem Bazian <groups@stripped>

> I hope this is the right forum because what I asking for is not strictly
> MySQL itself but rather related to MySQL but here goes....
> I need to be able to enumerate the list of any MySQL servers that are
> available to a computer. I can do this with SQL Server... I was wondering if
> anyone had a way for doing this for MySQL Servers...
> The client program will be in VB or Visual FoxPro...
> Thanks in advance
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