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From:PJ Date:February 27 2009 9:27pm
Subject:is there another way
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Is there another way to determine what the query found? The input is a
string "whatever".
I'm looking for a return of a string or null or nuber of rows or
something that will permit to to channel the execution of the file.
The snippet below is good for (there is a match) and (there is no match)
but I get the feeling that there must be a quicker way to determine if
the $result is positive or negative. ??? :-\

  while ( $row = mysql_fetch_array($result) ) {
    echo("<P>" . $row["title"] . "</P>");
  if ($row["title"] == "")
      echo ("Empty!")


Phil Jourdan --- pj@stripped

is there another wayPJ27 Feb