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From:PJ Date:February 27 2009 9:21pm
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What is this supposed to mean from the manual:
The use of |mysql_num_rows()|
<> depends on
whether you use |mysql_store_result()|
<> or
<> to return
the result set....
<> is intended
for use with statements that return a result set, such as |SELECT|
Does this mean you have to use
mysql_store_result() before using mysql_num_rows() ?.... kind of doesn't
make sense to have to do that. And there are no clear cut examples or
I do not wish to piss-and-moan but I do find that there is a lot to be
desired in the manual; things that are very ;contradictory and/ or
unclear and certainly lacking in examples.

And please, somebody guide me to some tutorial or something where I can
learn to set up proper error checking so you guys don't have to listen
to my problems. :'(

Phil Jourdan --- pj@stripped
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