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From:Pascal Charest Date:February 27 2009 3:22pm
Subject:Re: Monitoring MySQL availability
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I'm using Nagios or Zabbix as a monitoring system for my/my clients

When the client doesn't want an access to his monitoring system, I install
Nagios with a couples of fine-tuned configuration/plugins. This is mainly a
legacy position since I've been using that for years.

pro: easy to get help, lots and lots of sysadmin know nagios / community
very active
pro: very modular
pro: its nagios!

con: file based, need to be reloaded to activate new config
con: very bad error reporting when syntax is off.
con: ugly ;-)

Zabbix is the one I use when the client will request reports and access. It
is "cute" and can be configured easily through a web-gui and got an
agent/proxy process that can be used in active mode (the monitored-server
send data back to master). Very easy to craft sql statement into monitored
item (such as "time behind master")

Graphic, screen and inventory management can be done through zabbix.

The problem with Zabbix is that there isn't as many sysadmin that are
competent with it. Certifications are available though and I know a couple
sysadmin in Ottawa/Montreal/Quebec with those skills.

I've seen/deployed Zabbix quite a few time with over 500 hosts each with
about 30 different checks (items) and 45 triggers (limit on items).

pro: cute
pro: database based, new config always live.
pro: easy to define "user/group" access to "servers/ressources".
pro: can scale with proxy (relay system) or with a cluster of server (tree

con: original template are not that good
con: default: lots of data to your database.
con: supported by a small cie (community not as active as Nagios)
con: zabbix is really not that great with snmp

I've also tried Zenoss and various commercial offering, but they were all
"sub-quality"/"way costlier" than those 2 solutions.

Pascal Charest

Pascal Charest, skype: pascal.charest
Free software consultant @ Les Laboratoires Phoenix

2009/2/27 Claudio Nanni <claudio.nanni@stripped>

> We monitor hundreds of production systems with Nagios, of any kind.
> I dont have time to search for better ones, but this is doing its job.
> Cheers
> Claudio
> 2009/2/27 Éric Fournier <eric.fournier@stripped>
> >
> >
> >
> > Hi everybody ,
> >
> >                              I'm searching for a good way to monitor
> > availability (to be able to be alerted when it goes down unplanned) and i
> > just wanted to poke around to know which ways you people find the most
> > efficient. Are you using third party software , scripts , snmp solution
> and
> > so ? I'm doing my own research for this but thought if some of you had
> pros
> > or cons about some methods i'd be glad to hear about it.
> >
> > Thanks and good day
> >
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