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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:February 24 2009 11:03pm
Subject:Upgrade story / request for insight
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My ultimate goal is to upgrade a production server (MySQL 4.1.22 on CentOS)
to a modern 5.1 release. My development system is a Windows Vista x86
machine, and although the process is not that similar I decided to try an
upgrade there. (I've never done one.) I figured this would give me some
insight as to whether or not our code would break.


The upgrade from 5.0.45 to 5.1.31 was a horror show! I downloaded the 5.1.31
msi package, and ran the wizard. The Windows notes seemed to say that for
this upgrade I didn't need to uninstall the old one, and that might have
been a mistake. In any case, the wizard attempted to install 5.1.31, but
after it asked me if I wanted to configure an instance it just disappeared.
I ran the instance configuration wizard by hand, and it showed two different
server versions. The older one was apparently still running. I tried
shutting it down; I tried deleting it with the sc command, which (after a
reboot) did make it go away; but the instance configuration wizard still
listed it. In fact, it still listed it after I renamed the MySQL 5.0


The 5.1 server would attempt to start, but would fall over dead immediately.


I uninstalled 5.0, and that made no difference. I uninstalled 5.1, and when
I reinstalled it I got the same basic behavior.


Eventually I went through the registry and wiped out every reference to
MySQL that I could find. After a reboot and one last installation of 5.1,
things started to work right. From there on I was able to run mysql_upgrade
and get myself back on the air.


Can anyone guess where I went astray?





Jerry Schwartz

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