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From:Andy Smith Date:February 23 2009 11:58am
Subject:Re: Best RAID for a DB + LVM?
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What RAID level to use, whether to use SCSI or SATA etc are all pretty  
much "how long is a piece of string?" questions. If you have a really  
high end hardware array RAID 5 may be faster than RAID1+0 is on a  
cheaper system.


RAID 5 = slower
SATA = slower
RAID 1+0 = faster
SCSI = faster
more physical disks = faster
more expensive controller = faster


If you want to compare specific hardware you'll need to get your hands  
on it or find someone else who has already done a comparison. But it  
will make a huge difference to performance what disk array you have  
hooked up, just depends how much you want to spend....

Quoting Waynn Lue <waynnlue@stripped>:

> I currently have a RAID 5 setup for our database server.  Our space is
> running out, so I'm looking to increase the disk space.  Since I'm doing
> that anyway, I decided to re-evaluate our current disk array.  I was told
> that RAID 5 isn't a good choice for databases since it's slower to write.
> In addition, I've also been considering setting up LVM to take quick db
> snapshots, after reading various links on the web (and posts to this list).
> So on to the questions!  First, if that's what I eventually want to do (get
> a new RAID server with LVM), do I need to do anything special to set up LVM
> on the new system?  Second, what is a good RAID setup for databases?  RAID
> 10?  0+1?  Third, I have the choice of using SATA or SCSI in conjuction with
> the RAID drives I choose.  How much of a difference is there in using SATA
> instead of SCSI, especially in light of whatever RAID I end up going with?
> Thanks for any insights,
> Waynn

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