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From:Waynn Lue Date:February 22 2009 12:46pm
Subject:Best RAID for a DB + LVM?
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I currently have a RAID 5 setup for our database server.  Our space is
running out, so I'm looking to increase the disk space.  Since I'm doing
that anyway, I decided to re-evaluate our current disk array.  I was told
that RAID 5 isn't a good choice for databases since it's slower to write.
In addition, I've also been considering setting up LVM to take quick db
snapshots, after reading various links on the web (and posts to this list).

So on to the questions!  First, if that's what I eventually want to do (get
a new RAID server with LVM), do I need to do anything special to set up LVM
on the new system?  Second, what is a good RAID setup for databases?  RAID
10?  0+1?  Third, I have the choice of using SATA or SCSI in conjuction with
the RAID drives I choose.  How much of a difference is there in using SATA
instead of SCSI, especially in light of whatever RAID I end up going with?

Thanks for any insights,

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