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From:Haidong Ji Date:February 22 2009 4:33am
Subject:Re: moving data to MySQL
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Never thought of the MS Access solution, but it sounds interesting and I am
intrigued. If the data volume is not that big, it could be a quick and dirty
way of doing it.

Sql Server 2005 and Sql Server 2008 Integration Service (SSIS) can do this,
but as far as usability is concerned, it is a step back from DTS (Data
Transformation Service from Sql Server 7 and Sql Server 2000 days). SSIS has
a fairly steep learning curve.

I am also for the CSV flat file approach. One could use Sql Server bcp
utility to dump tables out as tab delimited file, then import it into MySQL

Sample of bcp command:
bcp "MyDb.dbo.t1" out "c:\junk\t1.txt" -c -q -SMySqlServerInstance -T

Sample of LOAD DATA command:
load data local infile '/home/MyFolder/t1.txt' into table MyDb.t1 lines
terminated by 'r\n'

It looks like your first task is to restore this backup into a Sql Server
database. Sql Server Express management studio might have a GUI way of doing
this. If not, here is a sample script:

restore database MyDb from disk = 'c:\LocationOfMyDbBackup'
with recovery, replace, move 'MyDbLogicalDataFile' to
move 'MyDbLogicalLogFile' to 'c:\MyDirectory\MyDb.ldf'


Haidong "Alex" Ji

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Claudio Nanni <claudio.nanni@stripped>wrote:

> Hi,
> Using ODBC Drivers and MS Access you can do the job.
> This is a quick list of steps(if you need more in depth just ask):
> Download ODBC drivers for MySQL from
> Install the ODBC drivers
> Create a System Data Source Name that point to the MySQL database (Control
> Panel->Administration Tools->ODBC Data Sources)
> Create a System Data Source Name that point to the MSSQL database (Control
> Panel->Administration Tools->ODBC Data Sources)
> Using Microsoft Access you can import-export-query the tables as you like.
> Cheers
> Claudio Nanni
> 2009/2/21 Chris Rehm <chris@stripped>
> > I want to write some programs to work with data from but
> my
> > installed database is MySQL and the data format they provide is a backup
> of
> > MSSQL. They recommend installing SQL Server 2005 Express and I've
> downloaded
> > that and am willing to install it, I just want to know if there is a
> > programmatic way of transferring the data to MySQL. Any help or insight
> > would be appreciated, I have been away from coding for several years
> because
> > of health issues and I'm trying to knock the rust off my brain and get
> going
> > again.
> >
> > Chris Rehm
> > chris@stripped
> >
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