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From:US Data Export Date:February 13 2009 10:03pm
Subject:RE: Codd's rule 8 (physical data idependence)
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>Subject: Re: Codd's rule 8 (physical data idependence)
>Hi Jerry,
>>>>*Applications should not be logicaly impaired when the physical
>>>>access ethods change.*
>>>Changing the storage engine for tables, for example from a
>>>to non-transactional engine, changes the database logic.
>> [JS] Is that really an example of Codd's rule #8? It is a higher-level
>> change than simply going from a hard drive to a RAM drive to magnetic
>> tape,
>> any of which could conceivably be used with any of the storage
>I think you're right, but a "non transactional storage engine" fails on
>a higher rule: namely the atomicy rule.
>A non transactional engine is of near no use.
[JS] That's why I like magnetic tape, it's so easy to rewind. :<)

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