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From:Daevid Vincent Date:February 13 2009 8:41pm
Subject:Is the Relational Database Doomed?
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I thought this article was really good at explaining the differences of
relational DBs and Key/Value stores and some other models coming down
the pipe (i.e. the new buzzword "Cloud Computing").

Will mySQL be adaptable to plug in these other types of engines (as we
do for InnoDB, MYISM, Falcon, Maria, etc.)
Page 3 does mention Drizzle, but that's also (as they said) a
counter-approach to key/value stores.

These new types still use a key so it would be awesome if you could
seamlessly reference (foreign) keys in these new domains/"tables" along
with your INNODB keys, etc. "Cross-engine compatibility" if you will.

...and on a semi-related topic, I've just learned of this mysql engine: and hadn't heard a peep about it on this list

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