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From:Steven Buehler Date:February 9 2009 4:10pm
Subject:RE: MySQL View
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> On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 9:41 AM, Steven Buehler <steve@stripped>
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> > Ok, I just saw a post about using view's in mysql.  I tried to look
> it up
> > and found how to use it, but my question is: what is a view and why
> would
> > you use it?  Is it like a temporary table?  Does it write a new
> database to
> > the disk or use memory?
> A view is a piece of SQL whose result can be queried like a table.  It
> stores no data; the results are always generated as the query
> executes.  In some cases it does use a temporary table to hold the
> result and then query against it; in other cases it merges the
> original query's SQL and the view's SQL together and then executes the
> resulting query.
> Why use it?  To abstract a complex bit of code away for simplicity.
> To grant permissions in a certain way (you can grant access to the
> view and deny access to the underlying table).
> There's a lot of complexity to it though, in terms of how to use views
> correctly and get good performance.  I think the manual goes over it
> in good detail, and our book High Performance MySQL 2nd Edition has
> probably the best exploration of it otherwise.
> Baron

Baron, Thank You
1.  The view is temporary then?  So it kind of uses it "in place of" a
temporary table?
2.  Does it go away after the query or after the mysql_close?

I am going to have to go to the book store and get your book too.


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