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From:Olaf Stein Date:February 4 2009 4:04pm
Subject:Re: like isn't behave as expected
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Because MySQL uses C escape syntax in strings (for example, ³\n² to
represent a newline character), you must double any ³\² that you use in LIKE
strings. For example, to search for ³\n², specify it as ³\\n². To
search for
³\², specify it as ³\\\\²; this is because the backslashes are
stripped once
by the parser and again when the pattern match is made, leaving a single
backslash to be matched against. (Exception: At the end of the pattern
string, backslash can be specified as ³\\². At the end of the string,
backslash stands for itself because there is nothing following to escape.)

On 2/4/09 10:49 AM, "Yariv Omer" <yarivo@stripped> wrote:

> Hi
> i have one row in the cpe_id column of the cpe_users table in my
> database with the value: "d\d".
> when i am doing:select cpe_id from cpe_users where cpe_id = 'd\\d' >> I
> got the one result.
> when i am doing:select cpe_id from cpe_users where cpe_id like 'd\\d' >>
> I don't get any result!
> why?
> also when i am doing: when i am doing:select cpe_id from cpe_users where
> cpe_id = 'd\\\\d' >> I do get the one result
> why?
> Thanks, Yariv

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