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From:ddevaudreuil Date:February 4 2009 12:02am
Subject:Re: Algorithm for resolving foreign key dependencies?
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Try looking at the  information_schema.KEY_COLUMN_USAGE table (where
referenced_table_schema is not null).  It will show you the FK
relationships.  You could then create a tree that you could use to find the
hierarchy.  For that, I suggest looking at  The
information_schema table is already sort of an edge-list, although each
node is made up of the tuple (table_schema, table_name, column_name) or
(referenced_table_schema, referenced_table_name, referenced_column_name).


news <news@stripped> wrote on 02/03/2009 05:38:34 PM:

> Andy Shellam wrote:
> > Am I missing something here?  (It is late after a long day, I admit!)
> Only something I forgot to mention.
> All the foreign keys are set up as ON DELETE RESTRICT, meaning MySQL's
> response to a foreign key violation is to spit out an error message to
> effect of "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you do that."
> The problem is, the target platform doesn't use foreign keys for
> reasons. I want to use foreign keys in development as a
bug-trappingmethod --
> I'd rather see an FK violation error in development than get an angry
> from a customer asking why there's a part listed that doesn't seem to
have a
> manufacturer.
> The plan was to write a code-generator that would generate all the
> code for me, then I could deal with the page templates and display logic
> myself (thus eliminating ~80% of the boring, repetitive work). I want the

> generated code to handle foreign keys itself, rather than relying on
> the database.
> As I said above, if foreign key constraints didn't slow things down
> I'd use them in production. Based on the (admittedly limited) testing
> done, application-side FK enforcement is considerably faster than using
> DELETE CASCADE and letting MySQL deal with the foreign keys.
> I don't like writing database code by hand (it all follows a standard
> template), so I figured I'd write a program to do it for me. "Work
> smarter not
> harder" and all that :)
> Thanks,
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> Phil.
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