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From:Daniel Brown Date:February 2 2009 7:07pm
Subject:Re: grabbing even addresses?
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On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 13:43, Martin Gainty <mgainty@stripped> wrote:
> NUMBER(SUBSTR(ADDRESS,1,instr(ADDRESS,' ',1))),2) =0;

    That hit the nail right on the head.  That was the same thing I
was going to suggest, Martin.  I think people tend to forget that
MySQL has the ability to handle a lot of stuff inside its own engine.
The only problem is the potential performance degradation --- if it's
an issue, translating that to PHP (which is the language in which
Jason is doing his code) isn't a problem.

    In any case, your answer is the one I would consider correct for
the OP's question.

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