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From:Christoph Boget Date:February 2 2009 6:41pm
Subject:Re: grabbing even addresses?
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> I was wondering if something was possible, I have an excel file right now of
> US mailing addresses, and what I need to do is select all the odd numbered
> addresses on one road, is there an easy way I can do that from MySQL? the
> addresses could contain 3, 4 or 5 numbers per addresses such as:
> 123 Main
> 1232 Main
> 1233 Main
> 1234 Main
> 12345 Main
> and what I want out of those would be:
> 1232 Main
> 1234 Main
> Any ideas? Thanks for looking! :)

Well, if this is something you will be doing a lot, the most efficient
way to store the addresses would be to have separate columns for the
house number and the street name.  Doing that will allow you to run a
query as simple as:

SELECT * FROM Addresses WHERE (house_number % 2) == 0;

If you can't (or don't want to) have separate columns, you can use a
regular expression to pull out the house number then operating on it
as above.    You can read more about mysql and regular expressions

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