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From:Gary W. Smith Date:January 30 2009 5:32pm
Subject:INNODB and Max Processors
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A few weeks back I was reading an article that said that INNODB doesn't take adantage of
servers using more than 4 processors.  I think I also recieved this as a reply some time
ago as to the same thing.
I was wondering if this is indeed true.  We are using 5.1.30 and wanted to pickup a new
dual quad core with 32GB.  Before we make the purchase we just want to make sure the
database will be able to take advantage of it.  Otherwise we will go for the dual core
higher speed.
This will support hundreds of connections per second and some complicated queries. 
Overall the data will be less than 50gb so we are looking at more ram to hope that it will
support both application and os level caching.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

INNODB and Max ProcessorsGary W. Smith30 Jan
  • Re: INNODB and Max ProcessorsBaron Schwartz30 Jan