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From:Claudio Nanni Date:January 30 2009 1:52pm
Subject:Re: questions about merging
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keep the two databases separated,

that is on different mysql database (or schema as they are also called).

If the wordpress blog is on a database named 'wpblog' for example

import your dump in another newly created database.

Could just use those statement in the dump file

CREATE DATABASE `db169254900`;
USE db169254900;

it'll create and use a new database (logic separation / phisical different

You can have all the databases you want in MySQL,

they are just logical separation between tables,

and with MyISAM tables also phisical separation thru folders.



2009/1/29 Robert D. Crawford <rdc1x@stripped>

> Hello, Olaf,
> "Stein, Olaf" <Olaf.Stein@stripped> writes:
> > the import of the dump will not remove your other tables unless there
> > is a naming conflict, then the table will be overwritten. As far as
> > the prefix goes you can edit the dump file, find the create table
> > statement for each table and add the prefix. If you have lots of
> > tables or a huge dump file it might make sense to use a more automated
> > approach, perl or python scripts will work on most platforms. The
> > prefix will also make sure you have no naming conflicts I guess
> I figured that would be the case but I really needed to make sure.  The
> file is huge but judicious use of head, emacs, and cat should do the job
> just fine without having to write something.
> One other question concerns these lines:
> CREATE DATABASE `db169254900`;
> USE db169254900;
> I can just remove the CREATE DATABASE line and change the USE line to
> reflect the name of the current db, right?
> Thanks for your help.  My partner will be rather happy to have her wiki
> up.
> rdc
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