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From:Micah Stevens Date:January 28 2009 1:20am
Subject:Re: Help with a query.
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Peter Brawley wrote:
> Micah,
> >each item in `a` has a 1 to 1 relationship to `b`,
> >and each item in `c` has a 1 to 1 relationship with `b`.
> >Sometimes these correspond, i.e. there's a row in `b`
> >that relates to both `a` and `c`, but not always.
> So in a given b row, the b_id value might match an a.a_id, a c.a_id, 
> or both? Whatever the purpose of this ambiguity, it seems to undermine 
> your query objective.
> PB
> -----
This is for a click through system, in this example, 'a' would record 
click throughs, and 'c' would record follow ups. B is the lead 
information. Sometimes there's no click through to a lead contact, and 
sometimes there's a click through with no follow up. Sometimes both.

Does that help?

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