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From:Alex Heiphetz Date:March 15 1999 12:39am
Subject:Err. 2008 and how to fight it :-)
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I got error 2008 trying to run a simple query on a large database
(query was something like: 
mysql> Select * from catalogue where price<3.00;
Database consists of 280,000 rows, in text form it's 37 MB of data)

manual recommends using 
mysql --quick (or mysql_use_result() in C API) to circumvent this.
I have a program that uses seek_data(), so, unfortunately, this won't
work for me. Is there any other way? I.e. increase available memory :-)
I'm running this on PII-400 with 128 MB of RAM. There are  no  other 
memory/CPU hungry processes running on this box. 

Thanks in advance,

Err. 2008 and how to fight it :-)Alex Heiphetz15 Mar
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