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From:Martin Gainty Date:January 17 2009 1:57pm
Subject:RE: timeout
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from a purely network point of view PING works if ICMP traffic is allowed
do a tracert and find out which intervening node is rerouting the traffic
you might have something funky on the routing tables

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> Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 07:51:55 -0600
> Subject: Re: timeout
> From: jlyons4435@stripped
> To: mzamilster@stripped
> CC: mysql@stripped
> First, be sure you can access the host - try pinging it.
> Second, if you can ping the computer so you know there's no network issue,
> be sure you've got the mysql permissions to connect from that host to either
> the server or the database (if you specify one).  You may have permission to
> connect locally or from specific computers, but unless you have an entry in
> mysql.user that allow you to connect either from "address" (as in your
> example) or "%" or some wildcarded address that includes you domain, you're
> not permitted to enter.
> Once you've eliminated these potential problems and you still can't connect
> contact the sys admin of the remote computer.
> On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 3:07 AM, Mosaed zamil <mzamilster@stripped> wrote:
> > hello all,
> > When I send : mysql -h  address -u root -p  from a distant computer I don't
> > get connected. I think it is a timeout problem.
> > How can I increase the timeout period.
> > TIA
> > mosaed
> >
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