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From:Andy Smith Date:January 14 2009 3:56pm
Subject:frequent issues restoring mysqldump file
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   I'm not asking this as a specific question, more a general gripe  
looking for some kind of explanation.

I don't do mysql restores very often, but many times when I have tried  
I get nasty errors as if its bombing out due to dodgy characters, or  
quote problems etc.
Normally I am doing restores across the same major and minor revision  
(ie 5.1), but quite possibly with a point release difference.

Its just quite frustrating, and also for such an old and widely used  
product surprising that a simple backup and restore doesnt work at  
least 99% of the time.

So I suppose, Im asking is there anything people like me regularly do  
wrong that might cause this, or do other people experience similar  
issues and is there anything that can be done to improve matters? :S

thanks for any help :)

PS Im no MySQL expert but have used it a fair bit as well as Oracle  
and many Unixs and open source bits and pieces and Im usually quite  
good at making them do what I need ;)

cheers Andy.

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frequent issues restoring mysqldump fileAndy Smith14 Jan
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