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From:Walter Heck Date:January 14 2009 10:58am
Subject:Re: default storage engine
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You can only copy files liek that for MyISAM tables. Are you sure you didn't
accidentally convert to INNODB somewhere along the line? If so, go back to
your old install and dump everything so you can import it in the new
install, or convert everything back to MyISAM in the old install before
moving the files over.

Of course you should chose the appropriate table type for each and every
table in your database, but when load is very very low and you don't expect
any growth I guess it is not your first concern.

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On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 11:36 AM, <mikesz@stripped> wrote:

> Hello mysql,
> Greetings in the New Year to everyone. Hope for only good things...
> I have been using a WAMP for maybe 5 years, started with Apache2Triad
> and eventually evolved to WAMPSERVER which is what I am running now.
> Over the years, I have upgraded my server many times and the procedure
> that has always worked was to do a clean install and "drop" my data
> into the data folder, fire it up and every thing works. I did have a
> hiccup when I switched from Apache2Triad because WAMPSERVER defaults
> to INNODB and ALL my work is MYISAM so after I figured out that I just
> need to change the default storage engine, everything worked as
> expected, copy the files, fire it up and it works. THIS TIME, I have a
> real problem because the default storage engine has disappeared from
> the my.ini file and if I put it in MySQL does not even start anymore.
> Not only that, when I copy the database files into the data folder,
> many of them seem to be corrupted now for some unknown reason.
> When I do a diff on the my.ini file the new one looks nothing at all
> like the previous version so my question is what happened? If anyone
> knows.
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> Best regards,
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