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From:Jed Reynolds Date:January 6 2009 6:35am
Subject:long login times?
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I've started logging how long my php application takes to login to 
mysql, and often it's well below 1 millisecond. However, I'll sometimes 
get a wave of long login attempts that take 3 to 6 seconds. I've enabled 
skip-name-resolv, and I think that helps. There are no long running 
queries on the system. There are only a dozen accounts on the system. 
The system is not running under stress, it's about load 0.9, four cores, 
2Gz, 4GB ram, no swapping. (CentOS 5, Mysql 5.0.45).

I'd hate to set the connect timeout to 1 second, fail and retry in under 
a second just to try to get a connection as fast as possible. Any thots 
on how I might keep login times consistently low?


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