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From:Ahmet DÜLGAR Date:January 5 2009 9:42pm
Subject:about tables
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hi everyone
my question is about tables
i have lots of records
i want to learn that if i slip my record. are the select run more fast
for example
name surname place
aaaa bbbbbb   x
qqqq xxxxxx    x
asdw sdfjsd    x
aqq   asdas    y
aqq   asdas    y
aqq   asdas    y
aqq   asdas    y
my query is selec * from table1 where place=x
selec * from table1 where place=y
all the query is this
but there is too much record
if i make 2 table and 
i add x records to table1
the y records to table2
so i dont use where cause
is it faster than the first model
i want to learn this
my example is simple
i couldnt chooise which one i should use
i have 2 different table but column and values are same 
they are different because value is are different
if i make all in one table
is it same fast like model one
please help me
sorry about my english
best regards
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about tablesAhmet DÜLGAR5 Jan
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