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From:Jim Lyons Date:December 30 2008 10:54pm
Subject:Re: Performance tips
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On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 12:38 PM, Jake Maul <jakemaul@stripped> wrote:

> 3) Obviously it'd probably be faster if you weren't using
> SQL_NO_CACHE... guessing you just did that to show us what it's like
> that way?
Why would SQL_NO_CACHE slow it down?  By not checking the cache or storing
the resultset into cache it should be quicker, at least a little bit.
Unless, of course, the query would always return the same result set.  But
with count(*) in there it might not.  In fact, I believe the count(*) would
prevent MySQL from caching the query in the first place, like using now() -
it's a non-deterministic function.

Jim Lyons
Web developer / Database administrator

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