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From:Dan Nelson Date:December 27 2008 7:00pm
Subject:Re: Performance tips
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In the last episode (Dec 27), Chris Picton said:
> I am trying to get to grips with understanding mysql performance.
> I have the following query:
> select sql_no_cache count(*), date_format(calldate, '%y-%m-%d') as m from
> cdr_warehouse group by m;
> This gives me:
> 115 rows in set (59.52 sec)
> mysql> explain select count(*), date_format(calldate, '%y-%m-%d') as m from
> cdr_warehouse group by m\G
> *************************** 1. row ***************************
>             id: 1
>    select_type: SIMPLE
>          table: cdr_warehouse
>           type: index
> possible_keys: NULL
>            key: calldate_idx
>        key_len: 8
>            ref: NULL
>           rows: 43708571
>          Extra: Using index; Using temporary; Using filesort
> 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
> How can I improve the running speed of this query?  I am running
> 5.1.30, but don't (yet) want to partition the table (horizontally or
> vertically).  Nothing else on the server is touching this table at
> the moment.  The exact date_format is not important, as I may want to
> group by 5 second intervals, or full months.

With an index scan on a 43-million-record index, you're going to be
CPU-bound instead of I/O-bound on that query, so use the fastest
expression you can in the group-by clause.  Surprisingly, date_format
seems to be pretty good.  For grouping by days, date(calldate) is
around 20% faster, but converting to a unix_timestamp and DIViding (the
only way to get things like 5-second intervals) is 2x slower. 
Converting that datetime field into a timestamp field should speed up
the unix_timestamp function (since timestamps are internally stored as
unix time_t values), but you'll need to disable the auto-updating
features as well:

	Dan Nelson
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