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From:mikesz Date:December 13 2008 2:13pm
Subject:MediumBlob / phpMyAdmin / hex dumps Questions
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Hello and Greetings mysql list,

A few weeks ago, I posted a question here about importing a database
to my local XP pro system and getting loads of MySQL server went away
errors during the import. I got suggestions about increasing max
packet size and a few other parameters which I followed but still
could not get a clean import with out the server going away error.

I have since some more troubleshooting to try to narrow in on the
source of the problem. The table that is getting the error I have
isolated and know that it is a PhotoPlog data table that contains all
the binary images that it is storing. The Table has two fields defined
with mediumblob, one for the picture and the second one for the

I have used phpMySQL to export this table and noticed that it is
dumping these fields as HEX and not binary and think that this may be
the source of the problem with importing to another system.

Anyone have any thoughts on MediumBlog being dumped out as HEX?

The other troublesome part of this problem is that only some of the
records have problems and no clue what the distinction is between the
ones that work and the ones that fail?

Any pointer greatly appreciated as always.



Best regards,
 mikesz                          mailto:mikesz@stripped

MediumBlob / phpMyAdmin / hex dumps Questionsmikesz13 Dec
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