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From:Steve Holmes Date:December 9 2008 5:06pm
Subject:Re: Consolidation suggestions - some LAMP servers
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We've been doing this for some time. Of course we have GigE internally so
the network is not a problem. The biggest problem for us is making sure the
students know to configure software they want to use for their web sites to
use the MySQL server name rather than the default which is usually
'localhost' (e.g. wordpress).


On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 11:58 AM, Götz Reinicke <
goetz.reinicke@stripped> wrote:

> Hi,
> over the last couple of years our infrastructure rose as we needed and
> now we are thinking about the next steps as the access to the servers
> grows.
> Currently we run a couple of Red Hat EL 5.x LAMP systems (e.g. our
> webserver, a webmail system, an application server) on 64 Bit hardware
> (mostly dualcore servers with about 4 GB ram extendable, hardware raid
> 5, 2* gbit ethernet).
> My question is, what do you think about using e.g. one server as
> webserver, the other as mysql server ... so the database traffic will go
> across the network. So that I have only one service running on one
> server and not like now the webserver bundled with the database.
> The most obvious advantage from my point of view: I only have one mysql
> server to manage and not three or four. (Likewise the webserver)
> The disadvantage would be the delay accross the network I think.
> Thanks for any helpful suggestions and best regards
> Götz
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