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From:Jake Maul Date:December 8 2008 3:42pm
Subject:Re: Multiple Cores.
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MySQL processes each request in a separate thread... hence, it is
*always* multi-core capable. Check the thread_concurrency setting in
my.cnf. Also, although not exactly related, check the size of

Are you by chance running 1 long-running query at a time? A single
query runs in a single thread, hence can never use more than one core.
So if your workload is dominated by 1 long-running query after
another, it may seem like it's using only one core.

Periodically check the output of "mysqladmin status"... if the thread
counter is > 1, you're using multiple cores... assuming, of course,
that your OS actually *knows* about them (ie: you're running an
SMP-aware OS kernel).


On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 4:52 AM, Kunal Jain <kunal@stripped> wrote:
> How we can configure Mysql in such a way so that i start using all the cores
> of CPU. I Have a QuadCore server but somehow mysql use only single core
> whose usage percentage goes upto 99% while other three cores remains idle.
> Any Idea or Multiple Core/CPU is wastage.
> --
> Kunal Jain, burrp!
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