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From:Chandru Date:December 2 2008 6:26am
Subject:Re: Updating from MySQL 4.0.12 to 5.0.67 Community
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Hi Bai,

In case you want the privileges of the old system, please take a backup of
the mysql database as inserts and reimport the same in the upgraded server.
If you want a new admin user to be created, then
please check the below page for the syntax:

On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 3:48 AM, Claudio Nanni <claudio.nanni@stripped>wrote:

> Hi Bai,
> I think the best option is to read carefully the installation guide,
> there are some post installation steps to set up initial privileges,
> and everything is explained quite well.
> After that if you still have problems please provide more informations on
> platform and other points
> like the steps and commands you issue and the output you get,
> so you 'help' others to help you, the more you are precise, the more you
> get help.
> Sincerely,
> Claudio
> Bai Shen wrote:
>> I currently have an application that runs on MySQL 4.0.12.  I'd like to
>> update it to the newest version of MySQL so I can have multiple
>> applications
>> using the one database.  However, I'm running into some permissions
>> problems.
>> When I install MySQL 4.0.12 I set up an administrator user.  Then I run
>> mysql.exe and I'm able to create a new database for the application.  I
>> don't log in or anything like that.
>> Now I've stood up MySQL 5.0.67 on another machine.  I've recreated the
>> same
>> administrator user, but I'm not sure how to give them the priveleges,
>> since
>> I didn't do anything like that with the older version.  And when I try to
>> create the database using mysql.exe I get the following error.
>> ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database
>> 'newdb'
>> So I'm assuming that my permissions aren't setup correctly, but I'm not
>> sure
>> what I need to change.  5.0.67 seems to handle the administration fairly
>> differently than 4.0.12.  Also, I'm not running the newer version as a
>> service.  I don't think that would effect things, but I figured I should
>> mention it.
>> TIA.
>> Bai Shen
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