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From:Andrej Kastrin Date:December 1 2008 4:30pm
Subject:Intersect question
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I have the table 'test' which includes two columns: 'study' and 'symbol':

study symbol
a2008 A
a2008 B
a2008 C
a2008 D
b2005 A
b2005 B
b2005 E

The task is to perform an intersection on 'name' column according to all 
distinct values in 'study' column. During the experiments the 
intersection was done 'manually' using the query:

SELECT a.symbol FROM test as a, test as b WHERE a.symbol=b.symbol and"a2008" and"b2005";

So the result of the query above is (A, B).

The question is how to implement this query more automatically, without 
directly referencing to the study names, because I want to implement it 
into a php script.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Best, Andrej
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