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From:Mike Blezien Date:November 24 2008 4:36pm
Subject:Re: Special Characters
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Thx's Jerry, appreciate the info, very helpful. ;)

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>>Subject: Special Characters
>>we are in the process of setting up a database with members data and
>>other info.
>>We'll need to enter names with special characters, i.e:
>>apostrophes:  O'Rourke
>>tildes:  Magglio Ordóñez
>>titlo:  Anaïs
>>hyphen:   Chun-Myers
>>Is there some special table setup required, collation or storage engine,
>>order to enter data like this or can this be handled with our
>>programming, Perl?
>>Where using MySQL 5.0.51
> [JS] For the most flexibility, I suggest you use utf8_general_ci as the
> default for your entire database. That's what we use, and it will swallow
> just about anything (including Chinese).
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