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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 17 1999 5:41pm
Subject:Re: MyODBC vs. Access2k
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At 12:04 PM -0500 1999-12-17, Dan Ray wrote:
>Hi, all! I've been off-list for a few weeks, so if this has come up
>recently, I apologize.
>I've got several clients who just upgraded from Access97 to Access2k and
>suddenly they can't update MySQL data over MyODBC. I upgraded to Access2k
>myself, and confirmed the trouble. I even went and downloaded the latest
>MyODBC and installed it, but no help.
>The error we're all getting begins: "This record has been changed by another
>user since you started editing it. If you save the record, you will
>overwrite the changes the other user made..." It give you the option of
>copying your change to the clipboard or dropping your change.
>It's very clear to me that this error can't possibly be the truth. We can
>view, search and insert data, but update is totally dead.
>Anybody else seen this problem? Any solution or work-around? I'd REALLY hate
>to have to call Microsoft about it...

You don't have to call Microsoft.  They already know about it.
I don't know that they've *fixed* it, but then you know how
Microsoft is.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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