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From:Santino Date:November 20 2008 10:45pm
Subject:Re: (Q) FullText (UTF8)
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Have you tried "in boolean mode"?

Santino Cusimano

At 16:30 -0500 20-11-2008, Little, Timothy wrote:
>We are using MySQL 5.0.22 on CENTOS/redhat 
>linux.  The table and database character-sets 
>are all utf8. 
>We have a database supporting numerous 
>languages.  Of course, full-text works 
>beautifully with most of the languages.
>But Chinese and Japanese are giving us problems, 
>and there is NO reason why it should be a 
>problem since we are taking measures to help the 
>database see word-breaks.
>When we insert the Chinese and Japanese 
>passages, they have spaces (normal ASCII 
>$14-#32) between each word (verified).  So 
>basically if you have two words like 
>{APPLE}{DRUM} then we put {APPLE} then space 
>then {DRUM}.  If you have UTF-8 then you can 
>look at this sample, éOçø±Í¾’ó
> ä— å‰íËâÀ 
>When we try to match either {APPLE} or {DRUM} 
>individually (or technically  
> éOçø±Í¾’ó ä—  or 
>å‰íËâÀ   ) then MySQL fails to find a match 
>against anything.  But clearly it should find 
>MySQL is only finding matches for Japanese and 
>Chinese on exact full-string matches, which is 
>clearly less than ideal.
>I have already changed the ft min length setting to 1, to no avail.
>What is going wrong, and how do I fix this?
>Here is my sample query (selecting for ONE word
>select *
>from category_attributes
>where match ( value ) against (
> 'éOçø±Í¾’ó ä—'  ) > 0
>When I replace the word withå‰íËâÀ  then it 
>still doesn't match anything.  And there is a 
>row with merely
>éOçø±Í¾’ó ä—
> spaceå‰íËâÀ 
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