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From:Allen Bolderoff Date:April 21 1999 3:26am
Subject:Re: NT vs Linux
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IMHO you would not go wrong with a combination of Linux, Roxen 
( and Mysql - Much Nicer & easier than apache/IIS/nt

roxen has a web based Configuration - supports Mysql out of the box & in real 
world situations seems much faster than apache. ( I am not dis'ing apache - it 
is a High quality peice of software)

> We are debating mySQL on NT vs Linux. I know linux doesn't have the gui
> overhead and is more stable, but we don't have time to learn 
> command line operation on Linux. How much of a preformance loss are we
> looking at for strictly a NT/IIS 4.0 database server vs. Linux/ Apache
> system? Each server is a standalone database server.
> What kind of advantages and disadvanteges do each have? 
> We are running Web Apps from a browser.
> Thanks
> Sean Hynes
> President - Weblogix
> High-Impact Web Design & Hosting 
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