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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:November 20 2008 4:55pm
Subject:Re: Virtualizing MySQL
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Hi Shain, all!

Shain Miley wrote:
> Ok...based on the responses that I received so seems like maybe
> I should be leaning toward a non virtualized solution.

Virtualization includes overhead.
It is fine as long as your application can tolerate that, but if your
performance demands grow there will be a point where a DB server in a
virtual machine will cause trouble but the same HW as a "real" machine
would still suffice.

> What I am wondering now is...
> 1)    would it be better to have one MySQL instance running and have the
> developers each have their own DB inside that one instance?
> or
> 2)   would it be better to have each developer have their own MySQL
> instance on the same machine?
> or
> 3)   some combination of the above...maybe have the developers split
> between 2 or 3 MySQL instances on the same machine...

This depends on the number of developers.
I would try to have separate instances, to isolate developers against
each other (allow independent start/stop, separate configuration,
isolate dumps, allow independent recovery, protect against crashes, ...)
The obvious drawback is that this will take slightly more RAM, and that
caches will not be shared.
You need not fear multiple code pages in RAM as long as all instances
use the same code files.

If you can't have one per developer, at least try to have more than one
in total.

Several DB server instances in the same OS instance on a "real" machine
will still need less RAM than equivalent DB instances in separate OS
virtual machines.


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